Our Work

Zetagram is the new name for Infiniti, a professional graphic design, web design, copywriting and photography service based in the west of Ireland, serving clients in County Mayo, County Sligo and County Roscommon.

Zetagram graphic design services in Co. Mayo include:-

Zetagram web design services in Co. Sligo include:-

Zetagram photography design services in Co. Roscommon include:-

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Design Portfolio

Zetagram's (formerly Infiniti) design portfolio is available to view directly from the home page and is organised by each client to show; the comprehensive range of creative work supplied, and the diversity of the design and marketing services required. This presentation also demonstrates how a strong corporate identity or brand can be applied to different types of marketing material to retain a sense of cohesion and consistency throughout the campaign.

It is this holistic approach which is the main strength of the Zetagram design service, combined with working closely with each client to fully understand their business and communicate this to their target audience or main customer base.

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For a more general overview of the design portfolio, this section has been organised by each service as a series of galleries to show a cross-section of the business image styles, and compare creative marketing strategies for different target audiences.

Each client we work with is individual, so we would encourage you to view the portfolio simply as a guide to the quality of the Zetagram design service, rather than as a catalogue of available options. Zetagram is flexible and adaptable to meet your specific business needs and technology as required.

Designs are governed by a combination of client expectation, target audience, budget and available timeframe, so have the potential to build and grow with each client's brand and business.

NEW FOR EMPLOYERS! To view the design work portfolios at a glance, please visit Mark Hardy's portfolio sheet page, where he has compiled the work in PDF files for download and easy reference.