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Free Cue Cards

I have recently had first-hand experience trying to communicate with a Stroke patient suffering from Aphasia. This means that the patient cannot speak and motor skills are also reduced to the point that they cannot write words to express themselves.

This is heartbreaking and frustrating for the patient. I felt that if I could perhaps offer simple choices, then the patient could point towards their preference. It's a slow question-and-answer process, but it does move forward and it works.

I looked on the web for resources, there are many, but they seemed too confusing for my elderly patient and a lot were software based which I felt were unnecessarily complicated for the requirements. (The battery never goes flat on a piece of paper)

I struggled to know what to search for:-

The simple printed solutions I found required a purchase and postage, and my need was very urgent. They would not arrive in time. So for my requirements I cobbled something together from various sources, including (Thank you)

Our need for these tools has passed, but in memory of my stroke patient, I have put together a series of my own FREE cue card communication boards.

They are simple, text-only A4 sheets. Large type, black only and they don't use a lot of ink. Just download/copy them, print them out, and put them in a low cost display wallet so you can easily flip the pages.

They are totally FREE. No copyright, no licence. Use them, share them, pass them on. No restrictions, no sign-up, no spam.

Even if these help only one person, it will be worth the time to do this. I hope that you find these useful in some small way.

To use these FREE CUE CARDS, simply right click on an image and 'Save Image As...', and then print.

Alternatively you can right click this link:- [ FREE CUE CARDS PDF ] and 'Save Link As...' to print out from a PDF file which will give you slightly sharper results.