Graphic Design & Web Design in County Mayo

Mark Hardy at Zetagram, Carracastle, provides a range of services including logo design, branding, brochure design, van design, sign design, website design and photography.

Design Skills & Services

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) is able to provide a high standard of creative skills across and wide range of disciplines to make the design process as smooth and simple of possible for every client.

In addition to high quality graphic and web design, Zetagram can also offer digital photography, brochure and website text copywriting, advertising solutions, advice on printing services and organise web hosting as required. Everything you need to launch your new start-up business or venture.

Getting started with design

When supplying creative design services for new clients, the most common route of development is to start with the logo or brand. Once this strong foundation is established, we can further develop this business image into stationery and business cards for day to day business needs.

The next priorities depend on the type of business, but often a printed sales document like a brochure, leaflet or flyer is required next to help generate enquiries.

For tradesmen the vehicle graphics for their van are most important to present a professional image on site or when visiting customers. New shops require a fascia sign design to set up their store.

In most cases some form of web presence is required for new/potential customers to refer to and to advertise products and services online. Due to the extended development time of a carefully considered website, Zetagram will often suggest an intitial information rich web page, to act as an effective stop-gap web presence until the full website is complete.