Website Text Writer in County Mayo, Sligo & Roscommon

Custom brochure and website text writing by Mark Hardy at Zetagram in Carracastle, Ballaghaderreen, County Mayo. Free design consultations available.

Copywriting & Editing

Engage and relate to potential customers with rich and informative written copy for your brochure or website. You can use clear and concise marketing copy to increase sales and improve the performance of your website.

By using carefully written website and brochure copy (text) you can present your sales pitch to a more receptive audience. This can act as a kind of 'silent salesman' and generate new enquires by telephone or email that may lead to sales (known as conversions).

You can reduce repetitive and time consuming pre-sales enquiries by providing extensive information on your website. In addition, this information can also increase your website's keyword density and variation, to improve your scope in search engine results.

Our copywriting or editing service is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that:-

  • Are unable to commit to the time necessary
  • Lack sufficient skills to write in-house
  • Lack experience in writing for the web

Types of Copywriting

Types of copywriting previously undertaken by Zetagram have included:-

  • Business website copy (text)
  • Brochure & leaflet copy (text)
  • Advertising & direct mail copy (text)
  • Product catalogue copy (text)

Copywriting Gallery

Our Approach

Zetagram has had extensive experience in copywriting and editing marketing text for Irish, UK and US companies for over 20 years.

We work closely with our clients to really understand the core of their businesses, their customers and their competitors, and use this to accurately represent their needs and requirements in our website and brochure writing.

Zetagram's copywriting and editing services both tie in with our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) by considering how the written text is going to be used in the context of the web, the keyword density and types of end user.

Our full copywriting service initially starts with a conversation to discuss the business and the types of customers that the text content is aimed at.

A general framework of the website or brochure is determined and extensive notes on the products or services of the business are taken to be fleshed out later into a cohesive presentation draft.

Alternatively, a more cost-effective approach is Zetagram's custom editing service, which may be based on the existing copy of a website or brochure, or an initial first draft supplied by the client.

This text can then be restructured or enhanced to make it simpler and easier to understand, add additional keywords, and aimed at specific target audiences.

This restructuring of information also ties into our 'content-first' approach to website design for small and medium-sized businesses.

Guideline Costs

Copywriting & editing can start from €50 (edit leaflet/flyer) and range up to €500 (6-10 page website). This process takes between 2 days and 1 week to develop and can be presented in person as printed visuals or via email as electronic proofs to reduce costs and save time.