Aniar IT Solutions Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in County Mayo for Aniar IT Solutions:-

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Aniar Solutions logo design refresh


Aniar Solutions Limited


Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland



Aniar IT Solutions was an IT consultancy and support company based in Castlebar, County Mayo. They provided equipment installation and techincal support for businesses across County Mayo, Sligo, Roscommon and Galway.

After meeting through the BNI network, Zetagram* offered to cost-effectively refresh the old Aniar logo to bring the image up to date. The original concept of the mountain imagery was retained, but redrawn in a more graphic way.

The logo font itself was hand drawn by Zetagram to create a unique arrangement, and the colours were later developed with input by the client.

Once the new logo design was in place, a website design template was also commissioned and supplied as both a visual and XHTML code for an in-house technician to develop into the full website.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.