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Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in Louisiana, USA for

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Fobea logo brand design Fobea brand design variations Fobea motif design


Sold to private client


Louisiana, USA



Fobea was a pre-designed solution initiative by Zetagram* to create a snow or skate brand using a unique dotcom domain owned by the business.

After searching through available 5 character dotcom domains, Zetagram purchased the domain and determined that it could potentially be developed into a pre-designed off-the-shelf brand solution.

With the pronunciation of fobea sounding like phobia, the concept for the brand was developed along the lines of arachnophobia and in the style of a modern snow or skate brand.

The main motif for the brand was a graphic and geometric representation of a spider which could stand alone as stickers or stomp pads, and the logotype font was custom developed to look like a grafitti spray stencil.

To support the main logo motif other bugs were also designed as part of the package, beetles, bees, flies etc that could possibly be used to brand childrens or ladies only product lines.

The brand design and domain package was advertised online and sold for the full asking price to an investor based in the US.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.