Katerbay Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in County Mayo for Katerbay:-

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Katerbay Hoshizaki flyer design Katerbay trade offer price list design outside Katerbay trade offer price list design inside




Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland



Katerbay was a medium sized established catering equipment manufacturing company based in Claremorris, County Mayo, which offered stainless steel equipment and appliances directly to bars, hotels and restaurants nationwide.

The initial brief to Zetagram* by the client was to support their existing marketing material by developing a stand-alone promotional product flyer for a new range of Hoshizaki ice makers.

After a general outline of the requirements by the client and research into the existing product brand, Zetagram assembled text and imagery content, and developed graphic elements and artwork to faithfully match the brand style which was approved by Hoshizaki Europe.

The second stage of the design work was to promote the client's own-brand products through a 4 page trade offer flyer. After gathering and collating text, and photo-retouching images, Zetagram applied a consistent and professional style to the document layout in the colours and font styles previously used by Katerbay, which provided a good foundation for any future designs.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.