ScreenSpace Design Portfolio by Zetagram

Zetagram (formerly Infiniti) has provided professional design services in County Galway for ScreenSpace:-

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Abbey Digital


Galway, County Galway, Ireland



Abbey Digital was a small, independent digital signage company based in Galway, Ireland, which provided screen based advertising solutions for businesses across County Galway and nationwide.

ScreenSpace was a relaunch of the Abbey Digital brand to break into new markets and to stand apart from the Abbey Signs sister company.

After initial consultations and research, the first brief to Zetagram* by the client was to develop a range of brand name options with available dot-IE domains. Of the wide range of names developed, the name ScreenSpace was finally chosen by client.

The next stage was to develop a brand style that was fresh and new, be instantly recognisable, and could also be applied to an android software app if required.

The concept developed by Zetagram, was that of talking directly to the customers via TV screens. This was graphically represented as speech bubbles dividing a TV monitor into advertising 'zones', which was flexible enough to apply to printed documents, hardware and multimedia displays.

To launch and promote the new service, Zetagram worked closely with the client to identify the target market audiences and identify selling points. From this Zetagram went on to write specialist brochure copy (text) for a direct mail campaign to act as a 'silent salesman' or as support material for representatives when meeting with a client.

Imagery included in the campaign was sourced stock photography, with retouched 'demo' compositions and hardware product photography by Zetagram.

To support the marketing material, Zetagram also worked on developing a multimedia advertising layout structure for the presentation of content on the television screens, making the process of content creation smoother and more standardised.

To act as a stop-gap web presence, Zetagram also custom-designed and built an HTML5 responsive information-rich holding page, using the content developed from the advertising flyer campaign.

*Formerly known as Infiniti.